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Latest company news about New Product | H Series Rental LED Display
NEW PRODUCT — H Series Rental LED Display —     — ALUMINUM ALLOY MATERIAL — Strong rigidity, oxidation resistance, not easy to deform, smoother splicing.   — SEPARATE CONNECTION — The module and the power control box can be disassembled separately, no wire connection is required, quick replacement and simple maintenance.     — GOLD-PLATED CONNECTING SEAT — Using gold-plated connection seat, the signal is more stable Foolproof design to reduce installation error rate.       — STRONG PRACTICALITY — Front-maintenance Lock + magnetic fixation to improve safety Hidden module handle, single-person operation.       — MULTIPLE SHAPES —     Supporting arc lock, the shape is changeable to meet the needs of more scenes and give users more choices.     — ANTI-COLLISION CORNER — Effectively protecting the led lamp of the corner led modules from colliding and falling off during transportation or repeated disassembly when for rental.   — MULTIPLE INSTALLATION METHODS — Support hoisting, leasing truss installation, frame fixed installation   — MORE BEAUTIFUL VISUAL FEAST — To guarantee the premium visual effect with higher deinition, higher contrast, and higher saturation. The display is smooth like flowing water, the picture qualityis clear, and the colors are bright and distinct.   — APPLICATION SCENARIO —
Latest company news about ISLE 2023 Concludes Successfully, Showcasing Charming's Innovation and Excellence
  ISLE, SHENZHEN, April 9, 2023  The three-day International Smart Display and Integrated System Exhibition 2023, also known as "ISLE 2023," came to a successful conclusion at the Shenzhen World Exhibition Center& Convention Center (Bao'an New Hall). This grand event brought together exhibitors and industry professionals from around the world, fostering fruitful business discussions and providing valuable opportunities for in-depth learning and exchange.   (Bustiling at Charming's booth)   Charming Co., Ltd., a leading  entertainment and commercial manufacturer  LED in the industry, showcased a wide range of cutting-edge products at Booth: 12-K06, the exhibition, attracting numerous visitors and customers from both domestic and international markets. It was an immense honor for us to have the chance to meet and interact with all of you during this remarkable event.   (Seperate Box in Y-series P3.91 LED Panel)   (P2.5/P3/P3.91 LED Module)   (Charming's staff is showing 'Y-series P3.91 LED Magnesium Panel)   (Weld-free Frame)   We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our partners, both online and offline, for their unwavering support and dedication to Charming. The exceptional service and personalized experience provided by our team have garnered countless accolades from our valued customers.   (Charming Big Family)   As we bid farewell to ISLE 2023, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with you and delivering innovative solutions that redefine the future of the industry. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Charming Co., Ltd.   For media inquiries and further information, please contact:   Charming Co., Ltd. Mobile/WA: + 86 139 0227 5883 Email: Website:
Latest company news about New Product | LED Indoor P3 P4 Module Energy Saving Version
NEW PRODUCT — LED Indoor P3 P4 Module Energy Saving Version —   — Why do we promote LED Module energy saving version—   1.Reduce the temperature of the LED module. Reduce investment in heat dissipation equipment. 2.Reduce operating costs and electricity costs. 3.Reduce display screen power consumption and reduce investment in power capacity expansion. 4.Reduce installation costs and improve efficiency.   — Advantages of LED Module energy saving version—   1.Low temperature cold screen, ultra-low power consumption, maximum power consumption (white balance state) saving 27% -31% compared to regular modules; 2.The temperature of the display surface is close to room temperature, and there is no color cast when displayed for a long time. 3.Improved stability, heat dissipation, and service life. Reduced failure rate, and reduced maintenance costs.     — Module Comparation— 1.Energy-saving low-temperature cooling screen, more stable effect. 2.More energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly, significantly reducing usage costs.            
Latest company news about Thanks all clients came for The GETshow 2024 exhibition,  Sharing of wonderful moments from the exhibition!
GET SHOW, GUANGZHOU, March 3-6th, 2024 From March 3 to March 6, GETshow 2024, an international intelligent intelligent sound and light product technology exhibition integrating scale and influence, opened grandly at the Canton Fair Complex. The GETshow exhibition area is nearly 90,000 square meters, attracting nearly 1,000 world-renowned brands to participate in the exhibition. During the exhibition, dozens of concurrent events, large-scale creative light shows, immersive bar theme shows, large-scale outdoor line array displays and a series of activities were carefully planned. The exhibition has a warm atmosphere, numerous highlights and a sense of interaction.     Part1 Booth visit   1. Home screen: P2.98 Outdoor rental, front maintenance, 8K high refresh rate       2. Indoor transparent screen, cost-effective window advertising screen       3. Floor tile dancing screen, Covered with tempered glass, waterproof IP65, Load capacity 100kg           4. Classic combination of turtle pixel screen and interior transparent screen,     suitable for bar ceiling atmosphere decoration           At Charming’s booth, every product is presented to everyone like a work of art. These products have their own unique features and advantages. With great enthusiasm and professionalism, the team of Charming introduced the unique features of the products and their advantages in different application scenarios to each visitor in detail. Our goal is not only to let the products speak for themselves, but also to make every visitor feel Keermei’s love for products and commitment to customers through every communication.   With its high-quality exhibits and stunning product effects, Charming has attracted many customers at home and abroad to stop and communicate, demonstrating the brand charm of Charming. If you also want to experience the charm of Charming, you might as well come to the exhibition to find out in person!        Part2 Production Introduction The first major exhibition in 2024 is very popular, showing positive market potential and confidence. Kormei's latest LED display products and solutions demonstrate the professionalism of its products and the innovation of its technology to customers around the world.                                            
Latest company news about Charming will meet you at the 22nd Guangzhou exhibition-Prolight +sound
                                              Prolight+sound In Guangzhou 2024 Prolight+soundGUANGZHOU, sound Exhibition scale reached a new high, the global leading brand concentrated appearance. Double the number of pavilions compared to last year! Gather professional lighting stage equipment, stage solutions, as well as LED screen, projection equipment, lighting control system, hanging system and numerical control system, for the industry to show the performance industry from a single product to the upgrade and development of system solutions.   Charming Prolight+sound GUANGZHOU       Exposition Information Exhibition time:2024年5月23日-5月26日 Exhibition venue:China Import and Export Fair Hall, Zone B CharmingBooth Number:9.2-D02 Fair time: 5月23– 25日 10:00 - 17:30 5月26日 10:00 - 13:00   Scan the QR code below to sign up! More exciting content please pay attention to the public number     5月23日-26日We sincerely invite you to visit the Guangzhou Exhibition!


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